Curawaka Workshop How To Live The Sacred Life

How to Life the Sacred Life : The Practice and Art of Prayer
Anna Bariyani & Ce Ollin Tezcatlipoca� from Curawaka
October 1st 2020 | 14:30 - 18:00
De Meditatietuin AMSTERDAM

This workshop will be hosted by HeartFire & De Meditatietuin.

In modern day society, humans mostly live in severe alienation from the natural world, from the spiritual world, and from their own original being. Most of us are deeply longing for a deeper connection to who we really are and our true purpose in life.
All native cultures have a living practice of living in close connection with the spiritual and natural world, and their daily lives are full of interaction between the spirits of nature and the universe. One principle that holds this connection so strong is an active relation with nature and Spirit in which one gives and takes with respect for and in alliance with the sacred design of life. By understanding the principle and prayer, what is really is and how it really works, we can begin to access our divine power to create and manifest, and practice this art in alliance with and with support of the natural spiritual world.

We believe that if more humans are able to master the ancient tools of praying with nature, then we can begin to create from our hearts the world that we are all longing for: a healthy, fair and beautiful world, in which all beings are connected and respected.
This workshop teaches some basic tools that helps us to connect to our original being and our true purpose on this planet, and helps us to practice a daily connection with Spirit. This is how we can start to live a sacred life.
The first part of the workshop men and women are divided and taught separately a set of tools to practice prayer. The second part we join all together to make a prayer together. We encourage all to bring a little something to give to the offering. This can be flowers, water, fruits, chocolate, coins, candles, stones, etc, something that you like. This will add force to the common we make for the Earth and for humanity.


Ce Ollin Tezcatlipoca
Ce Ollin Tezcatlipoca is a native Mexica from Guerrero, Mexico. He began his Red Path already as a boy learning from his grandmother, a great curandera of Aztec lineage. Already as an adolescent he began to study the knowledge of his ancestors, the Danza Mexica, and the sacred medicines, the rituals, the songs and stories, the cosmology and its magic. He has also been taken under the wings of the Huichol masters of Wirikuta and is member of Native American Church. Together with his wife Anna Bariyani he founded Teocalli Aurora and the Sacred Earth Alliance, and continues to offer his service with his music, sacred ceremonies, with the water drum, Mexica dances, temazcales and more. Ce Ollin Tezcatlipoca is also a part of the band Curawaka.

Anna Bariyani
Anna Bariyani is a singer, songwriter and medicine woman from Norway. Deeply rooted in her native Norse folklore and Arctic shamanic traditions, she has for over a decade extended her work through studies with the Yawanawa and Huni Kuin people of the Brazilian Amazon, in addition to the Native American Red Road. Honoring the prophecies of old, Anna dedicates her work to build bridges between all guardians of the Sacred in order to catalyze the paradigm shift into the new time. She is the founder of the Aurora Alliance and the creator of Solaris Festival. Together with her husband she founded the Teocalli Aurora Quetzalcoatl and Sacred Earth Alliance. She is also the singer and founder of the band Curawaka.

TIME: 2.30 - 6.00 PM
To ensure a relaxed start all together, we will open the door at 1:30 PM and close the door at 2:00 PM.
What to bring: wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal to write. Tea and healthy snack will be served. Sheep skins, meditation pillows and blankets are present in the studio.

De Meditatietuin - Amstelpark 6, Amsterdam
The studio is in the middle of the park, surrounded by nature. It is the low building between het Rietveld Huis en het Glazen Huis.
Google Maps will guide you the way!
Cars and bikes need te be parked outside of the park. Parking is free during the weekend. Schedule about 10 minutes extra time to walk to De Meditatietuin studio in the park.

Due to COVID-19 we take extra safety requirements:
- the number of participants is limited to 20 people
- the 1,5 meter distance between participants should be respected at all times.
- Please disinfect or wash your hands with soap at arrival.
- Please inform us if you have any symptoms such as a cold or fever before the gathering will take place. In case of complaints, please stay at home.
For questions, feel free to send us a message. danielle@heartfire.nl


  • HeartFire
  • 1 oktober 2020
  • Amstelpark 6, 1087 CD  Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NEDERLAND
  • € 65,00
  • danielleheartfire.nl
  • Workshop of cursus, Energiewerk



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