Tantric Empowerment for women

It’s about creating a field of loving support for yourself and for the whole sisterhood..

Now it’s the time, to explore yourself and heal your sacred body, to connect deep within by meditation, rituals, body massage, healing and lightwork. To discover yourself again and see through devastating patterns that ruin your health, your career, your self-confidence and your relationships.
In our life we learn to give and not to receive…

Why clinging on to unhealthy situations while you need yourself the most in the moment?

Although we receive lots of care and love from others, in our body/minds there can be a hungry wolf, a gap that cries for attention or closes off completely, when someone with good intentions is approaching you.
How to overcome these body reflexes? How to live in the here and now, without these continuing sorrows and cares for others?

You know everyone needs time and space to stand for themselves. Why clinging to relationships, jobs, people around you, while you need yourself the most at this moment?


  • Temple of Happiness
  • 6 oktober 2022 t/m 26 januari 2023
  • Hendrik Van Wijnstraat 10, 1065 AS  Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NEDERLAND
  • € 50,00
  • 06-13795437
  • centrumvoorhappinessgmail.com
  • Tantra, Mindfulness, Pers. ontwikkeling



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Temple of Happiness

Over Temple Of Happiness

De Temple of Happiness (centrum voor Happiness) is een plek, waar allerlei teachers Yoga, meditatie en conscious dans geven. De plek heeft de energie van een tempel, doordat hij telkens opnieuw wordt opgeladen door alle mooie mensen die hier het leven vieren.


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